Building Your Campaign Snapshot

The Arena Snapshot will help you calculate your pathway to victory and set the foundation for your campaign’s voter turnout and persuasion programs. The Snapshot draws information from voter files, past election results, and polling data to show you what would likely happen if the election were held today. It then allows you to simulate the effects of a targeted, programmatic campaign on the electorate in your district. After you have completed the Snapshot, you will be able to determine: 1) how to get to your win number; 2) which sections of the population you need to focus on for turnout (by geography, ethnicity, age, etc); 3) which segments of the population you need to target for persuasion; 4) your conversation goals for voter contact.

The tool consists of four components:

  1. Snapshot Overview: For an This document describes overview of what the Snapshot can do for you and how you can implement the findings from the Snapshot.
  2. Building a Campaign Snapshot: This guide walks you through each step you need to take to build your own Snapshot using the Arena Snapshot Template and Arena Snapshot PivotTable.
  3. Snapshot Template: This is the dynamic spreadsheet you need to calculate your pathway to victory and build an organizing program.
  4. Snapshot Pivot Table: Use this pivot table to populate information in the Arena Snapshot Template and format it correctly.