From Arena Community Member to NY State Senate Candidate with Alessandra Biaggi


Welcome to a special crossover edition of our pod with Nathan Rubin of Millennial Politics.

We’re joined by Alessandra Biaggi, a candidate for New York State Senate and a longtime member of our community.

Alessandra is challenging the leader of breakaway Democrats known as the IDC, who sold out their district for personal gain and ceded control to Republicans.

Her incumbent opponent, State Senator Jeff Klein, is the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference (or IDC). He ran as a Democrat, was elected as a Democrat, and purports to govern as a Democrat, while caucusing with Republicans.

As a result of the IDC and Republican control in the New York State Senate, progressive legislation passed by the New York State Assembly dies time and time again. Democrats have a Super-Majority in the Assembly, but year after year, legislation that should be a hallmark of a “progressive” state like New York never reached the Governor’s desk and never becomes law.

Alessandra is running on a platform of Affordable Housing, expanding the electorate through small “d” democratic reforms, criminal justice reform, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ civil rights, and more.