Jessica Ramos takes on Trump Democrats in New York

 📸 Angela Matua, Queens Courier

📸 Angela Matua, Queens Courier


Why are Republicans in charge of the State Senate in New York — one of the bluest states in the country? Why are New York’s voting law so antiquated? Why is progressive legislation often dead on arrival in Albany?

The answers to these questions lead back to a small group of Democrats in the New York State Senate that call themselves the Independent Democratic Caucus (I.D.C.). In exchange for perks like better office space and committee assignments, they empower the Republican majority leadership, ensuring that progressive legislation doesn’t get passed.

This is akin to Democrats getting elected Congress, then turning around and voting for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

That’s what happens in New York.

But there’s a group of new leaders running to take back the State Senate. Jessica Ramos is one of them.

Jessica is running against Jose Peralta in the 13th District, who is a member of the I.D.C. Jessica tells her story and explains why the I.D.C. is a major threat to working families and vulnerable populations throughout New York.

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