Graig Meyer is fighting for North Carolinians in the General Assembly


Graig Meyer is a Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly, representing the 50th district — which includes parts of Orange and Durham counties. Prior to becoming a legislator, Rep. Meyer spent sixteen years working in North Carolina’s public schools. He’s a tireless voice for improving the lives of North Carolinians and is leading efforts to recruit a candidate to run for every seat in 2018.

In this episode, we talk about: (1:00) How and why Graig first decided to run for office; (3:30) A day in the life of a state legislator; (6:20) Why power matters; (7:10) The harm caused by gerrymandering in North Carolina; (9:30) Key elections in North Carolina in 2018; (11:30) The “surgical precision" of gerrymandering in North Carolina; (13:25) North Carolina’s “Third Koch Brother”; (14:50) The different components of the right wing machine at the state level; (17:30) Republican attempts to strip the Democratic Governor, Attorney General, and Supreme Court of power; (20:30) The stakes of the 2018 elections in North Carolina; (21:30) Democrats need to run on the norms and integrity of elections themselves; (25:00) What you can do to help.

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