Lacey Rzeszowski is running for New Jersey’s General Assembly


Lacey Rzeszowski is running for New Jersey’s General Assembly in the 21st District, an election that is set to take place this coming fall.

Lacey recently got through the race’s primary, which saw historic turnout from Democrats in a largely Republican district. If she is able to win one of the two available seats, the Democrats have a strong chance at capturing a supermajority in the New Jersey State Legislature.

A former Republican, Lacey graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York University and has worked for years as an advocate for environmental protection, gun violence protection, and the promotion of arts-based education.

In this episode, Lacey and I discuss the historic primary turnout that saw a 244% increase over the past gubernatorial race (1:19), how the Sandy Hook shooting influenced her decision to get into the arena and work to quell gun violence (4:58), what drove her to leave the Republican party and run as a Democrat (7:46), why too many New Jersey politicians, led by Governor Christie, have fallen short in making necessary progress across the state (8:56), how social media has rallied local activism and reenergized the Democratic base in the wake of the November election (13:23), and why Mahatma Gandhi serves as an inspiration to her own political ambitions (16:46).

If you like what you hear, you can commit to donate to Lacey’s campaign.