Love + Action

“The challenge is to get people to extend the boundaries of the love they feel without giving up pride in who they are, where they’re from, or what their faith is. It’s about creating as many opportunities as possible for people to rediscover those connections.” - Van Jones

We gather in the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love to rededicate ourselves to a politics of love. Love for the most vulnerable. Love across generations. Even love for those standing in our way.

Why love? Because, in the words of Brittany Packnett, love can be an act of resistance. It has been a central pillar of movements going back centuries.

But we can’t stop at love. We must channel our love into action. That’s why attendees will spend time planning out what steps they will take -- immediately -- to rebuild our republic based on the values of love, respect, inclusion, and dignity.


The Arena Summit is a gathering of rising leaders from across the country. As WIRED wrote, “Think of The Arena Summit as equal parts spring training, group therapy, summer camp, and speed dating for progressives.” The Philadelphia Summit will be our fifth since December 2016, and we expect over 750 civic and political leaders in attendance.

At prior Summits, we featured thought leaders such as Jason Kander, DeRay Mckesson, Pete Buttigieg, Jennifer Granholm, Martin O’Malley, and Brian Deese.

The community emerging from these Summits has already gone on to launch over a hundred new organizations and candidacies since the November election, including the 27 candidates we have supported and plan to support through our Fellowship program in 2018.


Karim Abouelnaga
Emily Abrams
Desmond Atem
Erica Atwood
Cathy Barbash
Jonathan Beninson
Aryanna Berringer
Daren Berringer
Lauren Bille
Alicia Bonner Ness
Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza
Melissa Byrne
Rolando Cantú
Charlie Cavell
Katrina Chan
Amy Chiou
Earl Coleman
Bobby Cunningham
Neil Deegan
Elijah Dornstreich
Erin Fitzgerald
Billy Fleming
Lauren Footman
Aman George
Jon Greeting
Alon Gur
Josh Henderson
Jevin Hodge
Christine Jacobs
Molly Jong Fast
Nick Kowalski
James Lauderdale
Eric Lavin
Holly Lynch

Sara Lynch
Kevin Madden
Neil Makhija
Meghan Malloy
Claudia Marte
Coss Marte
Juan Martinez
Nick Marzano
Alexis Morin
Michael Newmuis
Michael O'Bryan
William Packer
Nathaniel Parks
Alex Peay
Alison Perelman
Sujeet Rao
Anthony Robinson
Nathan Rubin
Jason Salus
Annie Sanditen
Neal Sarkar
Adam Schupack
Stacey Shells
Michael Simon
Liz Simon
Michael Slaby
Charlotte Slaiman
Stanford Thompson
Megha Upadhyaya
Christian Urrutia
Anne Wakabayashi
Elizabeth Wexler
Jeremy Wilcher
Katherine Zuk