State Senate

Michigan, 13th District

Growing up, hard work and community were central to Mallory McMorrow’s life. She worked her first job serving coffee at the firehouse BINGO night when she was 12 years old. Since then, she’s built a career solving complex problems with people of all backgrounds with companies like Mattel, Mazda, and Gawker Media.

Though she’s lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York, she’s never loved a place as much as Michigan. As someone who cut her teeth as a designer in the automotive and consumer products industries, she’s inspired by Michigan’s unparalleled history of design and innovation.

Mallory is a proud small business owner in Royal Oak, Michigan who graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in industrial design. She’s built a career on human-centered design: asking questions, bringing as many people to the table as possible, walking in peoples’ shoes to uncover unexpected problems that may not be visible on the surface, prototyping, testing, and constantly adjusting to find the best solutions. She hopes to bring a design thinking approach to Michigan’s political process so the state will do better now and for the next generation.