Maine, 2nd District

On June 2, 1978, Lucas St. Clair and his sister were the first twins ever delivered at Mayo Regional Hospital in Dover-Foxcroft. Lucas came first by 14 minutes.

From a humble beginning, Lucas built a successful small business in Maine, employing more than 40 people, became a professional fishing guide, ran a nonprofit foundation focusing on community and economic development, and led a multi-year effort to create Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, bringing new jobs and new energy to a region that needs both.

Early in life, Lucas and his family lived in a cabin his parents built in central Maine – no electricity or running water and few toys beyond the woods and waters the twins loved to explore.

In 1999, Lucas went to culinary school where he learned the art and science of cooking. After graduating he worked 10 hours a day in the big city, making $8 an hour. He decided he could do better back home and returned to Maine.

He started a bakery in Winter Harbor, serving breakfast complete with homemade jams and jellies made from local produce. After the first year, Lucas had 12 employees. By year three, the business had expanded again. The staff grew to more than 40 people and so did the work days. Lucas would show up pre-dawn to cook breakfast, work through the day prepping for lunch and dinner, and then change into a clean shirt and finish the night as a server.

In 2012, Lucas moved back to his home state, temporarily settling in Portland so his wife Yemaya could finish her graduate education at the University of Southern Maine. Lucas took over as the executive director for Elliotsville Plantation Inc., a nonprofit foundation with a community and economic development mission. EPI was leading an effort to create a new national park in Maine. In 2016, President Obama designated Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

After thousands of conversations – hearing from Mainers about their communities and their hopes and dreams for the future – Lucas is running for Congress because he knows how important it is to listen and to work for what you believe in, to take tough stands and to keep your word.