We're throwing a Halloween party to raise volunteers and funds for 2018 candidates.

Proceeds will go to the Arena PAC, which helps first time candidates for office around the country. And yes - we encouage you to dress up in your best democracy-themed costume.


Interested in a discounted $50 ticket? Take 5m to make a plan to Crush the Midterms. Send us a screenshot of your plan confirmation, and we'll reply with a promo code for a discounted ticket.

  1. Make your plan at thearena.crushthemidterms.org.
  2. Send a screenshot of your plan confirmation to hello@thearena.run.


Jessica Angima
Lauren Bille
Ellie Burrows
Angie Champagne
Justin Cohen
Caroline Ettinger
Ravi Gupta
Chris Marte
Hawk Newsome
Michael Simon
Liz Simon
Marjorie Velazquez
Emily Abrams


Adem Bunkeddeko
Jennifer Collins
Downtown Independen Dems
Jennie Frishtick
Erin Fitzgerald
Olivia Glick
Sam Haas
Meghan Holhauzer
Eric Jaffe
Seamus Kirst
Monica Klein
Florian Koensberger
Elana Leopold
Greg Segal
Ricky Silver
Kenneth Sylvain
Ben Yee