The Arena PAC Fellowship will provide deeply tailored networks, tools, and trainings for rising political and civic leaders. Our priority is candidates for office in 2018.

The Arena Fellowship will provide provide advice and direct assistance as candidates launch and assemble their campaigns, and as organizations set their strategy and plans.

Though our approach will be tailored to the leader, we will focus on a few critical areas for nascent campaigns.



Transformative candidates always communicate a clear set of values that are grounded both in their personal story and in the story of the district for which they intend to serve. Our early work with candidates will focus on identifying those values and telling a story that authentically connects those values to voters.


Strong candidates can be derailed by weak campaign teams. That’s why we will help our Fellows build strong hiring and performance management practices to ensure their campaigns are run by top performing professional staff with strong systems for accountability and professional growth.


First time candidates, especially those facing incumbents, often face massive fundraising disadvantages. We will leverage The Arena network to run both low dollar crowdfunding campaigns and more traditional, higher dollar fundraisers for Fellows.

Applications for the Fellowship are currently closed.