Arena Allies Vote No on HB 142

Last weekend, over 650 folks from around the country attended the second Arena Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina. We had over 150 attendees from North Carolina, and heard from prominent state elected officials, including three state legislators:  Representative Chaz Beasley, Representative Graig Meyer, and Senator Jay Chaudhuri.

One prominent issue that dominated discussions over the weekend was the history of House Bill 2, the state’s notorious law. This law discriminated against citizens of North Carolina, hurt the state’s economy, and played a large part in the razor-thin electoral victory of Governor Roy Cooper.

As the Summit wrapped up and the work-week began, the NC Legislature and Governor moved quickly on a bill that was branded as a “repeal” of House Bill 2. However, after initial national celebration, it became clear that the bill, House Bill 142, had major flaws.

In fact, all three speakers from last week’s Arena Summit in Raleigh voted against the law. You can read Representative Beasley’s explanation here. Representative Meyer also filmed a helpful explanatory video, which appears to be shot in the style of a late 90’s Al-Qaeda hostage video — just messing with you Graig, we love you.

You can access the roll call votes here and here.

Ravi Gupta