Person in the Arena Competition

In celebration of the inspiring work our community has put in since the 2016 election, we're excited to host a competition to showcase the strides that many people have made this past year to enter the arena and push our democracy forward.

Did you start a new civic organization? Declare a candidacy for office? Volunteer at your local school? We want to hear about it.

Record a short video (three minutes or less) telling us who you are, what you’ve done this past year to get in the arena, and how you envision building on that work in 2018. Be specific, and be inspirational. You don’t have to have run for office. We are interested in all kinds of civic involvement.

The winning submission will receive a $5,000 prize and a free professional video produced in partnership with The Arena and Matt McLaughlin, Creative Director of WIN Media (director of many nationally acclaimed ads, including the campaign launch ads for Randy Bryce, Boyd Melson, and Kaniela Ing). This video will be your opportunity to expand on the three minute story you submitted for the competition. The second place submission will receive a $2,000 prize, and the third place submission a $500 prize.


  • Videos must be submitted online by November 27th at 5pm ET.
  • Submissions will be judged solely on the quality of the story, not the quality of production.
  • All finalist videos will be shown at The Arena Summit in Phoenix on December 8th and 9th, and the winners will be selected through a vote of Summit attendees.
  • All finalists must attend the Summit. The Arena will cover the costs of travel.
  • Submissions must highlight the work of one person.
  • The video and financial prizes are both subject to campaign finance and government ethics laws. Some contestants may be prohibited from receiving the prize or will only receive the prize up to campaign donation and in-kind limits.
Ravi Gupta