We build communities that activate the next generation of civic leaders.


Unprecedented Political Entropy


We are in the midst of an unprecedented wave of civic enthusiasm and activism that, if channeled strategically and organized logically, can overwhelm the anti-democratic forces that have captured our country.


But we must take the time to organize our community. That’s what The Arena does.


Our Work


We are the sherpas for these new civic entrepreneurs. We visit them in the field, provide them with a community of like-minded enthusiasts, and we give them the tools and support to take their ideas and ambitions to viability.


We do this in three main ways: through in-person and collaborative summits, by spotlighting promising work throughout our community, and through an accelerator for promising new organizations and candidacies.


We Believe


The Arena community is anchored by several core beliefs.



  • We believe that the rule of law and respect for our constitution are under attack and must be protected at all costs.
  • We believe that the integrity of our democratic system has been imperiled long before the 2016 election, due to forces such as partisan gerrymandering, restrictions on voting rights, and the corrosive influence of money in politics.
  • We believe that democracy requires us to engage in a robust dialogue with those with different beliefs than ours.



  • We believe that our children must be given an equal opportunity to succeed and that our leaders must be willing to make bold change in service of our kids.
  • We believe that our economic system unfairly benefits the rich at the expense of everyone else and that increased concentration of wealth and power is harmful to our republic.
  • We believe that people of different races, sexual orientations, and countries of origin — including many of the most vulnerable in our society — must be given an equal chance at the American dream.
  • We believe that those who enter public service, including military service, should represent the country as a whole and that no one portion of society should bear most of the responsibility for leading, protecting, and improving our country.



  • We believe that our leaders should honor our history without being shackled to it.
  • We believe that we owe it to future generations to leave them a healthy, stable, and sustainable
  • We believe that our leaders should craft visionary, innovative, and sometimes-controversial plans
    for our country’s future.
  • We believe that leaders must not merely protect the status quo, but should operate under an
    assumption that the status quo is often inadequate for the majority of Americans.


Our Future


Our vision is rooted in creating and nurturing the civic ecosystem that must exist during and after this presidency. We are building an organized, effective opposition in the near-term that seamlessly channels today’s unprecedented energy toward a longer-term, affirmative vision.


Accelerator Fellows

Advisory Board

By 2022, The Arena will:


  1. Establish an enduring and welcoming community for over 15,000 future and current civic and political entrepreneurs to collaborate, face-to-face, on an ongoing basis


  2. Support over 30 new organizations to viability that reflect our values and address the needs outlined in our ecosystem blueprint


  3. Support over 100 new entrants to elected or appointed public office who are authentic and govern in line with our values


Join us.